Conference Organizers

Learn more about the conference organizers: Jacob Ostberg, Susanna Molander, and Maíra Magalhães Lopes

Jacob Östberg

Jacob Östberg is Professor of Advertising and PR at Stockholm Business School, Stockholm University, Sweden. He earned his PhD in 2003 at Lund University, Sweden. Since then he has taught at the Business Schools at Lund and Stockholm University, and as Visiting Distinguished Professor of Marketing, Aalto University School of Business, Helsinki, Finland, and visiting scholar at Bìlkent University in Ankara, Turkey. His research interests revolve around how meaning is created in the intersection of marketing, popular culture, and consumers’ lived lives. In particular, Östberg has been interested in questions around gender and masculinity in a Nordic setting, and how the influence of a particular state sponsored gender ideology has shaped consumer culture.

Susanna Molander

Susanna Molander

Susanna Molander is senior lecturer at the Stockholm Business School, Stockholm University. She earned her Ph. D. in Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing from the Stockholm University where she also holds a Master of Philosophy with a major in Ethnology. Her research focuses on consumer culture, everyday life, food, parenting and gender issues. Her work appears in Marketing Theory, Consumption, Markets and Culture, Research in Consumer Behavior, Advances in Consumer Research as well as in international anthologies.

Maíra Magalhães Lopes

Maíra Magalhães Lopes is a post-doc researcher at the Lifestyle Research Centre at emlyon business school. In late 2018, she defended her Ph.D. at Stockholm Business School, Stockholm University. Her research focuses on affects and emotions (especially, disgust, fear, (dis)comfort and hope), spatial injustices, consumer culture consequences, as well as postcolonial, queer and gender issues.