Gender Research (By Author)

Relevant Gender Publications shared by Advisory Board Members – In alphabetical order by last name.

Janet Borgerson


Borgerson, J. (2018) Caring and Power in Female Leadership: A Philosophical Approach. Newcastle upon Tyne, UK: Cambridge Scholars Press.

Peer-review Articles

Borgerson, J. and Schroeder, J. (2018), “Making Skin Visible: How Consumer Culture Imagery Commodifies Identity,” Body and Society, 24(1-2), 103-136.

Schroeder, J. and Borgerson, J. (2015), “Critical Visual Analysis of Gender: Reactions and Reflections,” Journal of Marketing Management, 31(15-16), 1723-31.

[reprinted in Gendering Theory in Marketing and Consumer Research, London: Routledge, 2017]

Borgerson, J. L. (2007) “On the Harmony of Feminist Ethics and Business Ethics,” Business and Society Review, 112(4), 477-509.

Borgerson, J. L., Schroeder, J.E., Blomberg, B., Thorssén, E. (2006) “The Gay Family in the Ad: Representations of Non-Traditional Families in Advertising,” Journal of Marketing Management, 22, 955-978.

Borgerson, J. L. (2005) “Judith Butler: On Organizing Subjectivities,” The Sociological Review, 53 (October), 63-79.

Schroeder, J.E. and Borgerson, J. L. (1998) “Marketing Images of Gender: A Visual Analysis,” Consumption, Markets, & Culture 2(2), 161-201.

H. Rika Houston 

H. Rika Houston (2004), “Other Mothers: Framing the Cybernetic Constructions of the Postmodern Family,” Consumption, Markets, and Culture, Volume 7(3).

H. Rika Houston (2002), “Mixed Blessings: Commodifying Reproduction and Consuming ART, Proceedings of the Sixth Association for Consumer Research Conference on Gender, Marketing and Consumer Behavior, edited by Pauline McClaran and Miriam Catterall, Urbana-Champaign, Illinois: Association for Consumer Research, Pages 275-289.

H. Rika Houston (2000), “Wrapping the Soul: Ritual Products and Gendered Consumption in Japanese Culture,” Proceedings of the Fifth Association for Consumer Research Conference on Gender, Marketing, and Consumer Behavior, edited by Jonathan Schroeder and Cele Otnes, Urbana-Champaign, Illinois: Association for Consumer Research, Pages 35-37.

H. Rika Houston (1999), “Through Pain and Perseverance: Liminality, Ritual Consumption, and the Social Construction of Gender in Contemporary Japan,” Advances in Consumer Research, Volume 26, Pages 542-548.

Diane Martin

Martin, D. M., Schouten, J. W. & McAlexander, J. H. (2006), “Claiming the Throttle: Multiple Femininities in a Hyper-Masculine Subculture,” Consumption, Markets and Culture, 9 (3), 171-205.

Martin, D. M. (2004) Humor in Middle Management: Women Negotiating the Paradoxes of Organizational Life. Journal of    Applied Communication Research, 32 (2) 147-170.

Martin, D. M. (2004), “Balancing on the political high wire: The role of humor in the rhetoric of Ann Richards,” Southern Communication Journal, 69 (4) 273-288.

Lisa Penaloza 

The Agentic Body in Immigrant Maternal Identity Reconstruction: Embodiment, Consumption, Acculturation, with Hyung Min, forthcoming, Consumption, Markets, Culture:

Exploring Agency and Empowerment in Immigrant Consumer Acculturation: Nigerian Women’s Gender Renegotiations in the UK, with Andrew Lindridge and Preya Worlu, European Journal of Marketing50: 9/10, 1652 – 1671, June 2016.

“No, I won’t eat that!” Parental self-transformation in clashes of role enactment and children’s will,” with Celine Del Bucchia, Journal of Business Research, 69(1), 145-154, January 2016.

“Matriarchal Marketing: A Manifesto,” with Linda Scott, The Journal of Strategic Marketing, 14:1 (March 2006), 57-67.

“Consuming Madonna: A Critical Look at the Structure and Dynamics of Celebrity Consumption,” (2004), 20 Years of Madonna: New Approaches to Madonna’s Cultural Transformations, Freya Jarman and Santiago Fouz, editors, London: Ashgate, 176-192.

“You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby?!?  Negotiating Feminism in the Marketing Academy in the U.S.” Marketing and Feminism, Miriam Catterall, Pauline MacLaran and Lorna Stevens, eds., London: Routledge, 39-56, 2000.

“We’re Here, We’re Queer and We’re Going Shopping: A Critical Perspective on the Accommodation of Gays and Lesbians in the U.S. Marketplace,” Journal of Homosexuality, 31:1/2 (Summer 1996) 9-41, reprinted in Gays, Lesbians and Consumer Behavior, Dan Wardlow, ed., London: Haworth Press, p. 9-41, 1996, and in Queer  Economics: A Reader, Joyce Jacobsen and Adam Zeller, eds., London: Routledge,  2007.

“Crossing Boundaries/Drawing Lines:  A Look at the Nature of Gender Trouble in Marketing Research,” International Journal of Research in Marketing, 11 (October 1994) 359-379.

“The Hispanic Family:  Consumer Research Issues,” with Mary Gilly, Psychology and Marketing, 3:4 (Winter 1986) 291-304.

Kate Pounders

Pounders, K. “Are Portrayals of Female Beauty In Advertising Finally Changing?.” Journal of Advertising Research 58, no. 2 (2018): 133-137.

Pounders, K., Rice, D. and Mabry, A. (2017). “Understanding How Goal-Striving, Goal Orientation, and Shame Influence Self-Perceptions after Exposure to Models in Advertising.” Psychology & Marketing, 34 (5): 538-555 

Pounders, K., & Mabry-Flynn, A. (2016). Consumer Response To Gay and Lesbian Imagery: How Product Type and Stereotypes Affect Consumers’ Perceptions. Journal of Advertising Research56(4), 426-440.
Pounders, K., Stowers, K., Wilcox, G. and Mackert, M. (2017). “Exploring Gender and Identity Issues Among Female Adolescents and Young Adults Who Connect in an Anonymous Platform.” Journal of Health Psychology, 22 (5): 548-560

Linda Tuncay Zayer

Steinfield, Laurel, Catherine Coleman, Linda Tuncay Zayer, Nacima Ourahmoune, Wendy Hein, “Power Logics of Consumers’ Gendered (In)justices: Reading Reproductive Health Interventions through the Transformative Gender Justice Framework,” Consumption, Markets & Culture, forthcoming 2018.

Hein, Wendy, Laurel Steinfield, Nacima Ourahmoune, Catherine Coleman, Linda Tuncay Zayer, and Jon Littlefield, “Gender Justice and the Market: A Transformative Consumer Research Perspective” Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 35 (2), 2016, 223-236.

Zayer, Linda Tuncay and Catherine Coleman, “Advertising Professionals’ Perceptions of the Impact of Gender Portrayals on Men and Women: A Question of Ethics?” Journal of Advertising,44 (3), 2015, 264-275.

Zayer, Linda Tuncay, Katherine Sredl, Marie-Agnes Parmentier and Catherine Coleman, “Consumption and Gender Identity in Popular Media: Discourses of Domesticity, Sexuality and Authenticity,” Consumption Markets, and Culture,15 (4), 2012, 333-357.

Zayer, Linda Tuncay and Stacy Neier, “An Exploration of Men’s Brand Relationships,” Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal, 14 (1) 2011, 83-104.

Zayer, Linda Tuncay, “A Typology of Men’s Conceptualizations of Ideal Masculinity in Advertising,” Advertising & Society Review, 10 (April), 2010.

Tuncay, Linda and Cele C. Otnes, “The Use of Persuasion Management Strategies by Identity-Vulnerable Consumers: The Case of Heterosexual Male Shoppers.” Journal of Retailing, 84 (December) 2008, 487-499.

Fischer, Eileen M., Cele C. Otnes, and Linda Tuncay (alphabetical order for authorship), “Pursuing Parenthood: Integrating Cultural and Cognitive Perspectives on Persistent Goal Striving,” Journal of Consumer Research,34 (December) 2007, 425-440.

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