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GENMAC member benefits include:
  • Voting rights to elect GENMAC Council members.
  • Discounted rates for GENMAC Conferences and sponsored events.
  • Access to resources for research, teaching, advocacy and career development.
  • Community building opportunities.

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Student Membership – $40

Who is eligible? Current undergraduate and graduate students.

Terms: One-year, non-recurring membership.

Ally Membership – $40

Who is eligible? Supporters of the GENMAC community (e.g., retired academics, advocacy experts, non-profit activists).

Terms: One-year, non-recurring membership.

Academic/Professional Membership – $100

Who is eligible? Academic faculty and industry professionals.

Terms: One-year, non-recurring membership.

Academic/Professional Membership (with Solidarity Support) – $125

Who is eligible? Academic faculty and industry professionals.

What is solidarity support? Solidarity support provides financial support for to offset costs for other members who may face heightened financial constraints.

Terms: One-year, non-recurring membership.

Institutional Membership – $300

What is an Institutional Membership? An institutional membership is intended for institutional stakeholders, such as academic departments, business schools, or libraries. The Institutional Membership provides discounted annual memberships for multiple individuals within a given institution.

The Institutional Membership includes:

Three (3) Annual Academic/Professional Memberships (a $300 value)

Five (5) Annual Student Memberships (a $200 value)

Logo recognition of the Institution on the GENMAC website

Terms: One-year, non-recurring membership.

How it works: If you choose the Institutional Membership, you will be invoiced directly for $300. Once the invoice is completed, you will be given a custom link for up to 3 faculty members and up to 5 students to register for membership.

To pursue an Institutional Membership or get more information, please contact the GENMAC Communications Chair, Jenna Drenten at

Pay-What-You-Can Pricing (Click for discount codes)

We want anyone to be able to join the GENMAC community, regardless of their financial resources. In the face of increasingly precarious labor conditions, economic uncertainty, and historic financial inequity, Pay-What-You-Can Pricing allows you to become a GENMAC Member within the means afforded to you.

To utilize the Pay-What-You-Can Pricing initiative, use one of the following discount codes at checkout for $10, $20, $30, or $40 off of your selected membership:

  • 10offGENMAC
  • 20offGENMAC
  • 30offGENMAC
  • 40offGENMAC

NOTE: Pay-What-You-Can price discounts can only be applied to an annual Student, Ally, or Academic/Professional Memberships.

If you are interested in supporting the Pay-What-You-Can Pricing initiative by making additional financial contributions, please choose a higher tier membership or contact the GENMAC Treasurer, Minita Sanghvi – – for more sponsorship and donation opportunities.


Lifetime Membership – $1,000

Who is eligible? All individuals are eligible for the GENMAC Lifetime Membership.

Terms: Lifetime membership, one-time payment.


Various tiers of individual, corporate, and academic sponsorships are available. For more information, please contact the GENMAC Treasurer, Abigail Nappier Cherup:

Financial Transparency

All membership dues will directly support the programming and functioning of GENMAC initiatives including but not limited to:

  • Costs associated with future GENMAC conference(s)
  • Maintaining and hosting the GENMAC website and communications
  • Scholarship initiatives in support of underrepresented scholars
  • Advocacy and educational programming
  • Honors/awards in recognition of community members