Our community is committed to publishing high-quality work in the domain of gender, markets, and consumers. Take a look at the record of exceptional published special issues in peer-reviewed journals.

Special issues are listed in order of publication, beginning with the most recent.

2021: Special Issue on Gender, Markets, and Consumers in the Journal of the Association for Consumer Research

Guest Editors: Catherine Coleman, Eileen Fischer, and Linda Tuncay Zayer

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A Research Agenda for (Gender) Troubled Times: Striving for a Better Tomorrow Catherine Coleman, Eileen Fischer, and Linda Tuncay Zayer

Real Men Don’t Buy “Mrs. Clean”: Gender Bias in Gendered Brands Nathalie Spielmann, Susan Dobscha, and Tina M. Lowrey

Female Stereotypes in Print Ads: A Longitudinal Analysis from an Institutional Viewpoint Andres Rodriguez Veloso, Kavita Miadaira Hamza, Lara Petrini Victorino, and Lealis Vaz Meleiro Lopes

The Sleep-Deprived Masculinity Stereotype Nathan B. Warren and Troy H. Campbell

Sincere, Not Sinful: Political Ideology and the Unique Role of Brand Sincerity in Shaping Heterosexual and LGBTQ Consumers’ Views of LGBTQ Ads Steven Shepherd, Tanya L. Chartrand, and Gavan J. Fitzsimons

Advanced Style Influencers: Confronting Gendered Ageism in Fashion and Beauty Markets Ela Veresiu and Marie-Agnès Parmentier

This Is Who I Am: Instagram as Counterspace for Shared Gendered Ethnic Identity Expressions B. Yasanthi Perera, Sarita Ray Chaudhury, Pia A. Albinsson, and Lubna Nafees

Velocity and Vertigo: Gender Trends in Consumer Research: In Conversation with Fernando Desouches, Linda Ong, and Linda Scott Catherine Coleman, Linda Tuncay Zayer, Fernando Desouches, Linda Ong, and Linda Scott

Un/Re/Doing Gender in Consumer Research: In Conversation with Pauline Maclaran, Lisa Peñaloza, and Craig Thompson Jenna Drenten, Pauline Maclaran, Lisa Peñaloza, and Craig J. Thompson

2020: Special Issue on Gender and Macromarketing in the Journal of Macromarketing

Guest Editors: Andrea Prothero, Lauren Gurrieri & Josephine Previte

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Hidden in Plain Sight: Building Visibility for Critical Gender Perspectives Exploring Markets, Marketing and Society Lauren Gurrieri, Josephine Previte, and Andrea Prothero

The Uniform Entrepreneur: Making Gender Visible in Social Enterprise Olga Kravets, Chloe Preece, and Pauline Maclaran

Malay Muslim Religious Ideology: Representations of Gendered Beauty Ideals in Women’s Magazines Juliana French, Christina Kwai Choi Lee, and Jan Brace-Govan 

#dadtribe: Performing Sharenting Labour to Commercialise Involved Fatherhood Mario Campana, Astrid Van den Bossche, and Bryoney Miller

Women’s Empowerment at the Moroccan Supermarket: An Ethnographic Account of Achieved Capabilities and Altered Social Relations in an Emerging Retail Servicescape Delphine Godefroit-Winkel and Lisa Penaloza

Institutional Logics, Gender, and Advertising Within a Culture in Transition: Examining Strategies of Advertising Professionals in Turkey for Managing Institutional Complexity Catherine A. Coleman, Linda Tuncay Zayer, and O¨zlem Hesapci Karaca

Male Compensatory Consumption in American History Terrence H. Witkowski

Problematizing the Postfeminist Gaze: A Critical Exploration of Young Women’s Readings of Gendered Power Relations in Advertising Alexandra Serra Rome, Stephanie O’Donohoe, and Susan Dunnett

Structures, Systems and Differences that Matter: Casting an Ecological-Intersectionality Perspective on Female Subsistence Farmers’ Experiences of the Climate Crisis Laurel Steinfield and Diane Holt

2015: Special Issue on Theorising Gender and Gendering Theory in Marketing and Consumer Research in the Journal of Marketing Management

Guest Editors: Zeynep Arsel, Kirsi Eräranta & Johanna Moisander