Our community is committed to publishing high-quality work in the domain of gender, markets, and consumers. Take a look at the record of exceptional published special issues in peer-reviewed journals.

Special issues are listed in order of publication, beginning with the most recent.

2020: Special Issue on Gender and Macromarketing in the Journal of Macromarketing

Guest Editors: Andrea Prothero, Lauren Gurrieri & Josephine Previte

Articles and Authors Featured in the Special Issue

Hidden in Plain Sight: Building Visibility for Critical Gender Perspectives Exploring Markets, Marketing and Society Lauren Gurrieri, Josephine Previte, and Andrea Prothero

The Uniform Entrepreneur: Making Gender Visible in Social Enterprise Olga Kravets, Chloe Preece, and Pauline Maclaran

Malay Muslim Religious Ideology: Representations of Gendered Beauty Ideals in Women’s Magazines Juliana French, Christina Kwai Choi Lee, and Jan Brace-Govan 

#dadtribe: Performing Sharenting Labour to Commercialise Involved Fatherhood Mario Campana, Astrid Van den Bossche, and Bryoney Miller

Women’s Empowerment at the Moroccan Supermarket: An Ethnographic Account of Achieved Capabilities and Altered Social Relations in an Emerging Retail Servicescape Delphine Godefroit-Winkel and Lisa Penaloza

Institutional Logics, Gender, and Advertising Within a Culture in Transition: Examining Strategies of Advertising Professionals in Turkey for Managing Institutional Complexity Catherine A. Coleman, Linda Tuncay Zayer, and O¨zlem Hesapci Karaca

Male Compensatory Consumption in American History Terrence H. Witkowski

Problematizing the Postfeminist Gaze: A Critical Exploration of Young Women’s Readings of Gendered Power Relations in Advertising Alexandra Serra Rome, Stephanie O’Donohoe, and Susan Dunnett

Structures, Systems and Differences that Matter: Casting an Ecological-Intersectionality Perspective on Female Subsistence Farmers’ Experiences of the Climate Crisis Laurel Steinfield and Diane Holt

2015: Special Issue on Theorising Gender and Gendering Theory in Marketing and Consumer Research in the Journal of Marketing Management

Guest Editors: Zeynep Arsel, Kirsi Eräranta & Johanna Moisander