GENMAC is committed to ending discrimination, harassment, and assault in the marketing academy.

Workplace Harassment and Bullying

Workplace harassment and bullying are inappropriate, unacceptable, and in most jurisdictions, illegal. GENMAC vows to work relentlessly to shed light on these issues and support victims in every way we can.

GENMAC has placed advocacy as a central goal of the organization. This goal differentiates us from many other organizations in marketing that focus solely on academic issues. Thus, it is in our capacity as advocates that we make this statement about workplace harassment and bullying. This stance is firmly entrenched in our bylaws, which guide us when distressing situations are brought to our attention. To be very clear: the accusations of harassment are not against any GENMAC member; instead, a member of our board is the victim of a relentless and cruel reputation and personal smear campaign. If these actions had been perpetrated by a GENMAC member, it could be grounds for expulsion from the organization. We encourage other marketing organizations to take similarly strong stances against perpetrators of such crimes.

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