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The interest of management scholars in LBGBTQ+ themes has increased over time. In particular, research has highlighted the relevance of discussing these themes within organization studies, exploring how more inclusive workplaces and leadership styles can be enhanced. In addition, marketing research has focused on the need to focus on LBGTQ+ themes when exploring consumers’ needs and behaviors. On the one side, there is increased awareness of the need to discuss these topics in academic research, recognizing their relevance for the society. On the other side, there are constant discussions on the interrelations, differences, and similarities across different lines of research. In this two-day virtual conference, several esteemed scholars will lead conversation on LGBTQ+ themes across organization studies and marketing, through eight paper presentations and one keynote speech. In the second day, in the concluding Panel, we will also involve representatives from the industry, with whom we will discuss how to leverage the bridge between academia and industry, aimed to find fruitful ways to advance the focus on LGBTQ+ themes within organizations. Overall, we will stimulate discussion around the following questions: What is the current research landscape around LGBTQ+ themes and what are the areas that require deeper attention? What are promising areas of inquiry? How can overlaps and differences across topics be leveraged to advance the extant literature and enhance relevance for society? This two-day conference is intended to discuss the state-of-the-science, provide collective insights from the intersection of different research fields, and offer future research opportunities with high societal relevance.

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The detailed program is available below.

The Keynote Speech by Bryant HudsonIESEG School of Management, will lead to discuss the challenges of doing research on LGBTQ+ themes.

The Panel, moderated by Matteo Winkler, will be an opportunity for academics and industry representatives to discuss LBGTQ+ themes within and across organizations. Michael Brown from UM UK will discuss opportunities and challenges for research on LGBTQ+ themes presenting some of the initiatives of MRSprideLisa Buchter from emlyon will discuss diversity policies. Aharon Cohen Mohliver will present the new LGBTQ+ Executive Leadership Programme at London Business School. Nicci Take from Mercer will discuss how to increase the relevance of research on LGBTQ+ for organizations.

The titles of each presentation is below. The presentations will feature nine speakers from different disciplines (in alphabetical order): Robyn BerkleySouthern Illinois University EdwardsvilleShona BettanyHuddersfield Business SchoolJack CoffinThe University of ManchesterChristian EichertGoldsmiths, University of LondonStefano OsellaMax Planck InstituteShaun PichlerMihaylo College of Business & EconomicsRohan VenkatramanThe University of Melbourne, Matteo WinklerHEC Paris.

The discussants for the presentations will be (in alphabetical order): Federica De StefanoHEC ParisKatherine DuffyAdam Smith Business SchoolMaria Rita MicheliIESEG School of ManagementAstrid Van den BosscheGoldsmiths, University of London.

For questions and clarifications please contact the organizers. Maria Rita MicheliIESEG School of Management ( and Mario CampanaUniversity of Bristol (

Conference Program

June 15th- GMT+2 (PM)

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June 16th- GMT+2 (PM)

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