GENMAC Conference 2024 – Call for Proposals Proposals

Due August 15th, 2023 

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Short History of the Conference 

What is now called the GENMAC Conference began as a series of biennial gender conferences in 1991 under the name Gender, Marketing and Consumer Behavior conference, with Janeen Costa serving as the engine and motivation as its inaugural chair. Previous to 2016, these conferences were organized, run, and produced exclusively through the efforts of volunteers who participated by chairing conferences, submitting and reviewing manuscripts, preparing calls for papers and budgets. In 2016, we saw the birth of GENMAC, an organization formed by a diverse group of marketing scholars that is focused on gender research in marketing and consumer behavior. GENMAC, and its accompanying advisory board, seek to bring together voices of all constituents interested in gender, marketing and consumer behavior research and serves to more formally support the legacy of those “homegrown” Gender, Marketing and Consumer Behavior conferences. 

Call for Proposals 

We are now inviting proposals from Colleges and Universities wishing to host the 2024 GENMAC Conference.  The Conference is typically three days, beginning with an evening reception on the first day when attendees arrive. In addition to organizing paper sessions, and potentially plenary sessions and other activities, the hosting institution is responsible for organizing one reception, one conference dinner, as well as coffee and lunches during the days of the conference. However, the conference schedule, number of days and presentations, and day of gala dinner can be flexible depending on the number of attendees, and program design of the host(s).  In addition, prospective proposals may consider proposing a “theme” or “focus”. This theme should be included in the cover letter and proposal along with some sort of rationale. GENMAC encourages inclusion of all scholars working in some capacity related to gender, markets and consumer behavior. We are dedicated to supporting all types of gender research – including, but not limited to – gender equity, inclusivity & diversity; gender and the global south; gender injustice; gender identities; gender experiences; gender representation and stereotypes, the gendered body; gay, lesbian, bisexual, and trans studies; sexuality studies  more broadly; and how the chosen gender topic intersects with marketing, markets and/or consumer behavior. We are methodologically agnostic.  The GENMAC Board voted last year to be more inclusive of female and female-identifying faculty who do not engage in gender scholarship per se but are interested in making our field a better place for women, the proposal should make space for these participants as well.  Finally, informal polling of scholars doing work on gay and lesbian consumers, bisexual consumers, trans consumers, and on sexuality in general feel they do not have an academic home for their scholarship. Thus, GENMAC would particularly like to engage with these scholars so that researchers are aware that GENMAC is a welcoming space for these scholars.  Due to the costs of becoming an official organization, we are low on funds. We will be relying on the generosity from other organizations (such as Public Policy and Marketing, Macromarketing, ACR, AMA, TCR, etc). If you have experience procuring funds from entities such as these, please include it in your application.  The following items are required for a proposal submission: 

  • A cover letter indicating the hosting institution’s interest and the proposed timing of the conference. The conference is typically held in the summer in the hopes of trying to find an appropriate time amidst other conferences that attendees might typically attend. It might be beneficial if the conference is held immediately before or after a larger conference (ACR, AMA, EMAC, E-ACR, ANZMAC, etc.) so that participants can attend both events in a given region. 
  • Information about the hosting institution, including its research and program activities related to research on gender in marketing and consumer behavior. 
  • Identification of Faculty Co-host(s) and their biographies. Faculty co-hosts should ideally have previously attended GENMAC Conferences, and indicate their experiences, especially experience in reviewing and editorial work. 
  • Specification of sufficient program management staff to assist with planning and execution of the conference. 
  • Proposed Plans for the core activities including suggested venues, and other plans such as opening reception and conference dinner. 
  • Availability of conference facilities (auditorium, meeting rooms, break out rooms, virtual conference capabilities) (Include photos or link to site if possible). 
  • An inclusivity plan that takes into account scholars with disabilities, poor conference funding, extant family responsibilities, and other challenges that may preclude physical attendance. 
  • Availability and proximity of hotel and conference facilities to accommodate approximately 70 people. (Please include list of hotels and estimated room costs.) 
  • General travel information to the city location, the airport, and the venue. 
  • Transportation plan: transfers and logistics from the airport to hotel, and hotel to meeting facilities. 
  • Brief information on sightseeing and tourist information. 
  • An expected budget for the research conference. 

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