Call for Proposals for GENMAC Conference 2020

GENMAC, an organization formed by a diverse group of marketing scholars that is focused on gender research in marketing and consumer behavior, invites proposals for its biennial conference for 2020. These conferences began in 1991 and have continued over the decades to create a platform to present, discuss and disseminate research on gender in our field.

General Information

We welcome proposals for hosting the 2020 GENMAC Conference. The outline for the proposal is contained below. Our organization is open to various forms of scholarships and if the organizers are interested in including other modes of presentation or research, we strongly recommend they discuss it in the proposal.

Previously, this conference has been tethered to other conferences for ease and access to marketing scholars coming from various countries and continents. We leave it to the organizers to decide which dates and times work best for them.

Keeping in mind the inclusivity principles of GENMAC, we urge the organizers to make this conference and its accommodations accessible to all individuals, including graduate students, LGBTQ attendees, students and faculty of color, and people of varying abilities.

Please use following outline when constructing your CFP.

  1. Names of chairs/co-chairs
  2. Dates of the conference (typically between 1.5 to 2 days in length)
  3. Connection (if any) to any other conferences of interest to the attendees
  4. Potential theme (if any)
  5. Potential names of tracks (if any)
  6. Structure of the conference
    1. What structure will the conference take? Will it include any or all of the following options:
      1. Competitive papers
      2. Working papers
      3. Poster session
      4. Expert panel
      5. Roundtables
  7. Location of the conference
    1. Is it convenient for those traveling from points around the world? Is there a major airport nearby (how distant is it)? How are people to get from the airport to the venue?
    2. Are there special events that you intend to plan that will highlight this location’s uniqueness?
    3. Describe the specific site (i.e. building(s)) in which the conference would be held?
    4. What technological support is available in conference presentation rooms?
    5. What is your site’s maximum capacity?
    6. Will the facility be handicap accessible?
  8. Lodging
    1. Will the conference be at a different location than the lodging? If so, how will participants get from one venue to the other?
    2. Will you have a block of rooms reserved?
    3. Will there be enough hotel rooms to accommodate attendees?
    4. Are overflow hotels available nearby?
    5. What modes of transportation are available for people to move between the airport, hotel, and site?
  9. Host university
    1. What kind of support will the host university provide?
    2. Are there conference coordinating agencies available on whom you could draw to help manage registration and the events?
    3. Does the host university have a group of faculty who would be willing to assist with the management of the conference?
    4. Are there faculty at the host university that possess knowledge on the topic that will enhance the conference?
    5. What support will the Local Host have for coordinating and carrying out activities? (e.g., student event coordinator)
    6. Does the host have the ability to meet on a regular basis via Skype or Google Hangout with the, President, Treasurer, and other members of the GENMAC board?
    7. What is the conference planning experience of the host?
    8. Will other universities be involved with hosting this event?
  10. Funding
    1. What other opportunities for partnerships and sponsorships can your site uniquely provide? Please list and explain.  

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