Dr. Susan Dobscha was featured on AMPLIFY: A Youth Media Lab Production and podcast of The Representation Project. Listen to the podcast using the widget below or directly on Spotify.

On Episode 10 of Amplify, we welcome Susan Dobscha, professor of marketing at Bentley University. Susan discusses her research on people’s relationship to the environment and consumption choices, consumer motives, changing conceptions of sustainability, ecofeminism, spectrums of environmentalism, and more.

Susan Dobscha is a Marketing Professor at Bentley University. Her teaching interests include consumer behavior and marketing research. Her research interests include gender issues in marketing, consumer resistance to marketing tactics and technology, and relationship marketing critiques. Dobscha has had published articles appear in Harvard Business Review, Marketing Education Review, Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, and Journal of Retailing. She previously taught at Virginia Tech and the College for International Studies in Madrid, Spain.

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